Testing laboratories

Durability of materials testing

Fall test

(ball drop test, whittening)

There is a risk that many products will fall during installation, transport or repair. The fall test ensures that the product remains in its original state from manufacture to use.
The ball drop test is used to determine the resistance to penetration and elasticity of seals during rapid deformation (e.g. susceptibility to breaking and cracking).

Scratch resistance

For hardness measurements, a generally conical or rounded end is applied to the varnished or plastic surface of the material and the resistance of the material is measured. During this process, parallel cuts remain on the material and - by turning the sample 90 degrees - transverse cuts. The aim is to determine the resistance to scratches and cuts.

Abrasion resistance


The crockmeter provides a fast and accurate method for determining resistance to abrasion of textile materials (such as fabrics, carpets, yarn and leather) on other surfaces due to friction. The crockmeter is also used to perform abrasion on flat samples.

Tests with a high-pressure cleaner

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