Testing laboratories

Accredited testing laboratories are accredited by the Slovak National Accreditation Service in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the:

testing of physical, mechanical, chemical properties of polymers

testing of plastic products, testing of plastic parts for the automotive industry testing of petroleum products and chemicals

VÚSAPL is authorized body No. TSOV/2/2017 for the performance of the technical service activity category A, verification of vehicles, systems, components and separate technical units and verification of their conformity under Section 25(1)(a) of Act No. 725/2004 Coll.

Scope of accreditation + certificate

skúšobné laboratória VÚSAPL
skúšobné laboratória VÚSAPL

Proficiency testing

Our testing laboratories frequently participate in proficiency testing of laboratories organized by German oraganisation DRRR. The latest participation of our laboratiries in this kind of testing was in 2020 when we achieved very good results.

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Director of Certification and Testing Division

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