Testing laboratories have recieved accreditation prolonging

At the beginning of December, Slovak national accreditation service (SNAS) has prolonged our accreditation, based on meeting the conditions of standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2017. Accreditations are being prolonged on regulary basis, which insures high quality standards of the accredited subjects. SNAS monitors and continuously ensures compatibility of its accreditation procedures and connected activities with international practice, in order to meet permanently the criteria of international agreements concerning mutual recognition.

Accreditation is an impartial and independent formal recognition and attestation of an organization by an accreditation authority confirming its competence to carry out the activities declared in the accreditation certificate and permanently meet the requirements specified by the relevant normative document.
Accreditation is considered to be the essential factor for confidence, in the correctness of an accredited organization’s results. For this reason it should be used for the assessment and evaluation of the results of all activities of which society expects a high level of correctness and confidence.

As a result, our wide range of offered services stays unchanged. We are more than happy to know, that we can offer the same quality of services to our customers as they are used to recieve.