The journey of VÚSAPL, a.s. From 1974 to today

vstrekovanie plastov
vstrekovanie plastov
história VÚSAPL 1980
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skúšobné laboratória VÚSAPL
história VÚSAPL 1980

The comprehensive entries in our company chronicles have recorded the development of our company from its beginning. We offer you a short overview of important events during past years.


  • Establishment of VÚSAPL, a.s.
  • Recruitment of the first employees
  • Construction of the building and preparation of the site

história VÚSAPL 1974 história VÚSAPL 1974 história VÚSAPL 1974


  • Produced and tested first injection mould “Insert – cover for screws”
  • This was followed by the forms “Tray – platter, cup”
  • All of the work, such as creation of drawing documentation, technological process, subsequent production and testing, was carried out internally in the company

história VÚSAPL 1975 história VÚSAPL 1975 história VÚSAPL 1975


The tasks of the research institute in the processing and application of plastic substances consisted mainly of material research, where they focused on the lifespan of regranulates with regard to the environment and with an interest in coming up with a solution to bring better quality plastics with better properties. This investigation focused on new plastics processing technologies, namely printing and injection.

história VÚSAPL 1980 história VÚSAPL 1980 

1980 – 1982

Significant cooperation:

  • We solved problems of production and processing of polyethylene PB-15
  • Development of polypropylene for the production of biaxally oriented films
  • We solved an issue with Bovden tubing from PP
  • We participated in the work in determining the flow properties of atactic PP for Slovnaft
  • At Slovnaft’s request, we solved a problem with poor quality polyethylene
  • At Slovnaft’s request, we prepared pipes from polyethylene RB03-23 and evaluated their properties
  • At Duslo Šaľa’s request, we quickly produced 100 kg of film, which was used for ammonia solution synthesis in eliminating the consequences of an accident
  • We prepared 50 m of lacquered PVC pipes for an experimental route at Hlibin mine

And many others …

história VÚSAPL 1980 - 1982 história VÚSAPL 1980 - 1982 

1992 - 2002

Continuous, hard and professional work began to gain its first, very valuable recognition:

história VÚSAPL 1992 história VÚSAPL 1992 história VÚSAPL 1996 história VÚSAPL 2001 história VÚSAPL 2001 história VÚSAPL 2002 história VÚSAPL 2002 história VÚSAPL 2002

2002 – 2008

Because of our experience and awards, we were able to establish strong partnerships and cooperation with our customers over the following years.

2008 – 2020

Unlike the beginnings of the research institute, today VÚSAPL, a.s. focuses on providing services and quality products for our customers. In addition to the shift in the company’s focus across time, we have of course also adapted the latest technological equipment and adapted our services to market needs. However, our desire to work hard and perform quality work has not changed over the years. We will be happy to convince you of our qualities.

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