Compounds and regranulate

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We produce compounds under the trade names NITREN and NITRAMID modified with:

kompaundy VÚSAPL
Kompaundy a fólie VÚSAPL
kompaundy VÚSAPL

Our equipment

We have modernized compression lines with double-line running:

BERSTORFF ZE 52 x 42 D with underwater and string granulation

BERSTORFF ZE 40 A x 36 D with string granulation

WEWRNER – PFLEIDERER ZSK 30 D with string granulation.

The annual capacity of the compression lines is 1100-1500 tons.


Shredding of plastic production waste:

Our comapny provide shredding of plastic waste made of different types of material.
The shred is than regranulated and given back to the production process to company in need of such material.

Our main focus in this process is on quality of the shred and followed regrind. It means, we insure that the plastic outcome is not mixed with other material or color. We can guarantee clean material troughout the whole delivery, not just the first big-bag.

We are still looking for new cooperations in this field. If you are interested in cooperation, weather it is buying the material or selling your plastic waste, let us know.


Reglanulates became highly valued material over the past few years. At times when standard materials are not as available as it used to be, regranulates became a great second choice to many companies where such transition is possible.

Our regranulation process starts with quality shred. After every process of regranulation in our company, the regrind undergo testing to prove its characteristics. Every sold delivery leaves the company with atest of quality that has been previously confirmed as satisfactory from the customer.


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