Compounds and films

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We produce compounds under the trade names NITREN and NITRAMID modified with:

kompaundy VÚSAPL
Kompaundy a fólie VÚSAPL
kompaundy VÚSAPL

Our equipment

We have modernized compression lines with double-line running:

BERSTORFF ZE 52 x 42 D with underwater and string granulation

BERSTORFF ZE 40 A x 36 D with string granulation

WEWRNER – PFLEIDERER ZSK 30 D with string granulation.

The annual capacity of the compression lines is 1100-1500 tons.



We produce

Technical films on an LD-PE matrix using blowing technology in the form of sleeves – hose and flat foils.

We use

Equipment: BANDERA TR 65 with an annual capacity of 400 tons. We adapt the dimensions, spool size, colour design and other features of the film to the customer’s requirements.

Standard dimensions:


Flat film

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