Company policy

The management of the company has adopted this policy and decided to support the development of all activities aimed at continuously improving the quality of products and services provided, the environment and the working environment, occupational health and safety. The company’s policy and principles are binding on all levels of the company, all functions, departments and employees. The management expects the utmost support from all employees of the company in ensuring the performance of tasks arising from the company’s policy.

Customer satisfaction

Meeting the needs and requirements of the customer is a matter of priority for all activities of each employee of the company. Our customer is the one who enables us to make a living, so constantly monitoring the satisfaction of our customers will enable us to adapt our activities in order to retain existing customers and gain new customers based on positive references.

Employee involvement

The management of the company places great emphasis on the satisfaction and motivation of its employees, their professional development and positive perception of the working environment. Every employee must be aware of how important their work is to the company’s profitability. All leaders must set an example in their approach to quality, health at work and environmental protection, and create conditions for others to do the same.

Product quality

The aim is to offer the customer a flawless product and service. This is a never-ending process that is evolving because customer requirements are constantly growing.


The aim is to eliminate and prevent any risks that might enter into the process of our activities. Continuous prevention is more economical than correcting errors.

Long-term objectives

To establish a system that does not enable us to produce and ship a bad product or perform a poor service. To ensure the health and safety of all employees in the course of all activities. The company is committed to fulfilling legal and other requirements in the area of care for the environment and OHS. All activities will focus on the prevention of pollution in the areas of air and water management, reducing the need for inputs, minimizing waste and preventing risks, improving the working environment in the company and the environment around the company.

Short-term objectives

The objectives set must be measurable and evaluable. Proposals for short-term objectives in the areas of production quality, the environment and work safety based on this policy are prepared by directors of individual divisions and are discussed and issued by the company management. The short-term objectives adopted are published on the boards in individual establishments, so that all employees of the company are familiar with them. Top management and all employees of VÚSAPL, a.s., have made a commitment to meet customer requirements, legal and other requirements and the requirements of standards.

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