About the company VÚSAPL, a.s.

The company boasts a long tradition of operating in the Slovak and foreign markets since 1974. VÚSAPL, a.s.  maintains its stable position only because of its conscientious employees, without which it would not be possible to provide the quality to which our customers have become accustomed. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have spent their entire professional activities in their fields. Some solid parts of our employee team have spent their entire careers in our company, and know their parts really perfectly. However, we also appreciate the new faces that bring to the company fresh air and different perspectives on some issues, which is extremely valuable.

Together, the company has four production divisions.

VÚSAPL budova

Certification and testing laboratories division

Accredited testing laboratories accredited by the Slovak National Accreditation Service in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 for:

The certification body for product certification is granted accreditation by the Slovak National Accreditation Service under ISO/IEC 17065 under registration certificate P-011. The certification body also acts as:

Injection Moulding Division

Over its history it has gained valuable experience, making it today a highly reliable supplier of accurate and technologically demanding products.

vstrekovanie plastov

Compaunds and films division

The film and composite division focuses on the production of technical films using blowing technology in the form of hose and flat foils. It develops and manufactures high-fill materials based on polyolefins and high quality structural plastics in all shades of the RAL scale even in smaller quantities.

PELD technical films – blowing technology (Perforated, Treaded)

Hose (sleeve), semi-hose, flat width from 300 to 1100 mm, thickness 0.03 – 0.14 mm

Composites – produced on the basis of thermoplastic matrix, mainly PP, PE, PA-6, PA 6,6 and PC.

Mechanical production division

The mechanical production division uses modern methods for model simulation and design for injected plastic products, providing the customer with maximum service and reducing the time required to deliver the tool.

Basic portfolio of services:

kovovýroba VÚSAPL

Over the last 20 years, the company has implemented several economic and scientific projects, which have won awards in domestic and foreign fora. Through its experience, it has contributed to the successful resolution of the international project of the 6th EU Framework Programme, where it was a member of a consortium made up of investigators from 6 Member States.

Within each division mentioned VÚSAPL, a.s. prioritizes customer satisfaction and delivery of quality products and services by the agreed deadline. Every further year of operation is a challenge for us to be better, and to constantly prove to our customers that they have chosen their supplier well.

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