Tool shop

Machinery room and tool production

Tools development and production at VÚSAPL Nitra has mostly focused on equipment and tools, which are suppose to be used for plastics manufacturing. We have got over 35 year experience in this field. Our machinery room is aslo able, beside plastics, to produce common mechanical products. We are able to provide surface finishing according to client's requirements.


We offer complex approach for segment/piece production via injection, based on its drawing documentation, product drawings or only a part sample and provide the client with complete equipment/product including the reference samples and their measuring protocol.

Quality control/inspection

ISO 9001

We are authorised member of the TÜV Rheinland group. Re-certification audits are on a regular base.

ISO 14001

Certifikácia od roku 2008.aAuthorised since 2008.

Cad mould 3d-f fill

Software, which simmulates plastics injection with a high precession. It is used to dimensioning of injection system and complex optimalization of injection loading space. It highly helps to design split and integrated cavities/. Thanks to the utilization of the program, which reduces number of tests and adjustments, the time from product design till its delivery to the client, is evidently shorter.

Other solutions

Manufacturing of injection forms/cavities/casts/moulds till 5 tons and dimension range of 1200x1200mm

Manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and adjustment of tools for plastics processing

Mould and jig production

We use HASCO, SYNVENTIVE, DME, MEUSBURGER, FCPK normals (normalie) for plastics moulding production or the production is based on client s requirements

Conventional Machines

Band saw - Pilous ARG 300 band saw

machining – by the size of 1200x1200mm (horizontal drilling machine)

Turning - on conventional lathes


milling on conventional machine

surface grinding – conventional grinder

cylindrical grinding – outer surface

CNC machines

working on CNC milling machine centers:

MIKRON HSM 800 – table size of 800×600mm, max. weight of workpiece is 1000 kg

Deckel Maho DMU 60T – table size of 600×600mm, max. weight of workpiece is 350 kg

Charmilles Roboform – elekctrical discharge machining, EDM (so called sparking) – pieces size 500x400x400mm (width x length x height) possible sparking of cranking tools (drillers, mills, screws …. )

Solution V650 – wire cutting of accurate shaped work pieces by the size of 650x400x350mm (width x length x height)

Metal Cutting Shear

Metal bending machine

Metal Curling machine

Creation of 3D model moulds and tools

technical advice and support in the field of injection and tool production