We provide

Development and production of fill/materials - PE,PP,PA-6,PA-66,PBT,POM,PC, PC/ABS etc matrix.

Development and production of concentrates with liquid aditives

Precise colour tuning in accordance with „RAL“ scale

Technical support for plastics processing

Development and production of materials based on client s requirements

We produce

Composite material trademarks

Nitren - PE,PP matrix

Nitramid - PA-6,PA-66 matrix

Compounds, according to our client requirements, including fillings, modificators as follows

Talcum, lamestone, baryt

Chopped glass fibers, direct roving, glass microballs

Fire retarders

Heat/thermal stabilizing agents, UV stabilizing agents, tenacity modificators

Special compunds

High-filled materials with s filling/ filler by 70%

Concentrates – liquid aditives base – fillings by 50%

We produce

Regranulation of all basic material types

Parts are blended and then regranulated

Re-granulates modifies and our client brings it back to the production proces

We dispose

RE-modernized compound lines with double screw-type extruding machine

BERSTORFF ZE 52 x 42 D - with underwater or string granulation.

BERSTORFF ZE 40 A x 36 D with string granulation.

The annual capacity of compound lines varies between 1550 and 1750 tons.