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VUSAPL joint - stock company, builds on its tradition and participates in research and development in the area of modifications of polymer materials, their processing technologies as well as the use of qualitative application of new polymer materials. Over the past 20 years has made a number of economic and scientific realizations, which were awarded at home and on foreign forums. Its experiences contributed to the successful solution of the 6th International EU Framework Programme, where it was a member of the consortium of made solutions from six member countries.

VUSAPL joint – stock company is a process management system four divisions. The primary is injection moulding division. During its scope gained valuable experience, which makes today a highly reliable supplier of precision and technological demanding products.

Division of films and composites focuses on the production of special types of technical films of blowing technology in the form of tubular and flat films. This division produces the high-filled materials based of polyolefins and construction plastics material in a high quality, in the all colour RAL.

Tool shop division uses highly progressive methods for model simulation and design of injection molded plastic products, thus providing maximum customer service and reducing the time necessary to deliver the instrument.

Division of certification and testing laboratories certified quality management systems in accordance with the standard STN EN ISO 9001: 2009 (Q-008) and environmental management systems according to EN ISO 14001:2005 (R-002), for products certification is granted accreditation by Slovak National Accreditation Service according to STN EN 45011 VUSAPL joint stock company, holds credentials MDPA SR for testing and verification into vehicles in accordance with the Act. 725/2004 Z.z.


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